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5 June is World Environment Day, an international event that unites various countries around the world in wanting to preserve the Earth's natural ecosystem.

World Enviroment Day was established by the ONU General Assembly in 1972, in memory of the Stockholm Conference on the Human Environment in which the United Nations Environment Programme (UNEP) took shape. UNEP's aim is to protect the environment and the sustainable use of natural resources through research and initiatives to protect animals and plants.

For the 2023 edition of World Environment Day, the main theme is "Sustainable and nature-friendly society".

What can we do for the environment not only on this day but in our daily lives?

- Reduce the use of plastic

- Encourage the use of recyclable materials

- Use renewable and clean energy sources

- Do more walking to places of interest, if possible, to reduce pollution in the city caused by cars

- Allow natural ventilation in homes rather than using air conditioners.

And you, what do you do for the environment?



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