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Università degli Studi di Perugia

DICA is a Dept. of the University of Perugia that include several Civil and Environmental engineering experts and Botanists with the aim to develop shared researches on the protection of the environments from effects of natural and human activities and to improve environmental quality.

Aristotle University of Thessaloniki

The first Higher Forestry School was founded in Athens in 1917, and in 1927 was relocated to the newly founded Aristotle University of Thessaloniki. Since then, the Department has significantly contributed to the development of forestry in Greece, the proper management and development of Greek forests and natural.

ISG | Business & Economics School

ISG | Business & Economics School is an school of reference in the context of teaching business and economics in Portugal. ISG will be key on the integration in education training and academic planning of the project results as well as on the communication and dissemination.

CESAR Centro per lo Sviluppo Agricolo e Rurale

CeSAR, Centre for agricutural and rural development, is an Association founded by the University of Perugia, the Foundation for Agrarian Education of Perugia and the City of Assisi.

Comune di Bologna

The Municipality of Bologna possesses a detailed census of the public green areas, with particular reference to the trees, what it allows to have precise information on the arboreal patrimony.

Comune di Perugia

The city of Perugia has an allocation of public green property equal to mq 8,732,401 formed by different types of green areas such as historic gardens, urban parks, green spaces in the neighbourhood, green sports, school gardens and wooded areas.

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