The Project \ Results

The results of the LIFE CLIVUT project will provide social, economic and environmental benefits through urban community capacity building and engagement, urban green areas and urban environment improvements.

Some of LIVE CLIVUT quantitative results will be:

Urban community capacity building and engagement:
• 80 Urban planners engaged in capacity building and technical assistance.
• 4000 citizens participating in management of public and private urban green spaces.
• 1600 students and youngsters between 8- and 25-years olds trained on the value of urban green spaces and engaged in concrete actions against climate change.
• 400 economic activities counselled in adopting climate responsible business policy.

Urban green areas improvements:
• 8000 new plants (trees and shrubs) planted in the 4 municipalities.
• 600 plants substituted with high climate performance tress/shrubs.
• 3 totally/partially eradicated alien species per municipality.

Urban environment improvement:
• Decrease of 19468 tons/year of Urban GHG emission
• Increase of 230 tons e CO2 emission sequestrated by trees planted during the project.
• Increase of 2610 tons/ year of PM10 sequestrated by the new planted trees.
• Reduction of 1268 tons/year of NOx and of 2299 tons/year of SO2 sequestered by the new planted trees.
• 82000 Mwh/year Energy saving from the trees’ micro-climatic effects
• 400 ha of Urban green spaces by eradication of alien species and restoration of native ones.

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