The Project \ Objectives

Climate change is a global phenomenon that largely impacts urban life. Over the coming century, climate change scenarios project that urban regions will be expected to manage:

- Extremes of precipitation and temperature.
- Increased storm frequency and intensity.
- Sea-level rise, among others.

In this scenario, a key role is played by Urban green spaces and natural areas which can perform many functions and produce important benefits for the environment, and therefore for society.

Actor of urban communities

Public planners




The general objective is to develop and implement the Urban Climate Green Asset Strategy in 4 medium-size Mediterranean cities based on the shared planning and management of the urban green and natural spaces by urban planners and citizens.

The strategy designed according with an ecosystem-based approaches, will improve urban ecosystem adaptation capacity, maximize urban green asset climate mitigation potential and deliver biodiversity and nature conservation benefits improving human safety, health and wellbeing.

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