The Project \ Actions


The strategy for developing the “Urban Climate Green Asset Strategy” will be based on the planning and shared management of trees by administrations, urban planners, citizens and businesses.

A - Preparatory Actions

A1 – Project Start Up
A2 – Green asset characterization and identification of environmental and climate parameter
A3 – Phenological monitoring area realization
A4 – Urban green asset system

C - Implementation Actions

C1 – Urban planners capacity building for designing and implementation of UCGAS
C2 – Citizens in urban climate action
C3 – Climate educational skills
C4 – Business in Urban Climate Actions
C5 – Replicability and transferability

D - Monitoring the impact of the project actions

D1 – LCA of environmental and climate impact of the Urban Climate Green Asset Strategy
D2 – Monitoring of Socio Economic Impact

E - Communication and dissemination of results

E1 – Communication, dissemination of project results and networking

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