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117th Congress of the ITALIAN BOTANICAL SOCIETY, and the 8th International Plant Science Conference, was held from September 7 to 10 in Bologna.
The Congress hosted internationally renowned speakers who are experts in various fields of botany: it was held in the facilities of the Alma Mater, Bologna Campus, at the Belmeloro Complex.


The LIFE CLIVUT Project participated in the event to present some of the project's results to a national and international audience, as part of the Symposium "Urban green-space planning and managment: from functional aspects to ecosystem benefits" (Chairpersons M. Galloni and F. Orlandi) with a paper entitled "Multiple ecosystem benefits of urban green-space: two case studies."

Two posters were also presented to publicize other project results, titled "Active citizen involvement in green management through the LIFE CLIVUT project" and "The LIFE CLIVUT Project: citizen science through plant phenology."

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