LIFE CLIVUT has developed an app to increase knowledge about the trees in the cities and the awareness of their contribution to the environment and climate change mitigation.

It is an innovative tool that allows to visualise the trees and their ecosystem contribution. The user can map the trees in an area, and with georeferenced information via GPS, including photos, the data can be acquired for the plant census . This app allows also to identify the best management techniques to maximize the tree climate functions. It reports the climatic and biodiversity value of the trees, for example the C02 storage per tree, or the PM10 captured.

This reliable operative tool enables:
- Urban planner to design and implement effective Urban Climate Green Assets Strategy valuing all the factors related to environmental benefit, climatic effect, and socio-economic impact.
- Citizens to monitor and manage the private urban green area adopting climate-oriented and ecosystem-based approach.
It is available for smartphones and tablets, use it and discover all the benefits of your trees and the best places to plant new ones.

Access here the Lifeclivut Calculator

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