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The Municipality of Bologna, a partner of the European project LIFE Clivut, in April has approved the strategy of urban green to counter the negative effects of climate change and enhance the green as an element of well-being for all while increasing the resilience of the city.
The approved strategy contains the set of behaviors and actions aimed at ensuring the city has a healthy tree heritage, diverse and able to mitigate the negative effects of climate change.

Before approving the document, the Municipality of Bologna has opened a public consultation addressed to all citizens: the draft was published from March 24 to April 20, 2022 on the institutional website, with an invitation to all citizens to write suggestions and comments to a dedicated email address.

On Thursday, April 7, in streaming on the Youtube channel of the Municipality of Bologna, the Public Council Commission chaired by Vincenzo Naldi "Urban Planning, Building, Environment, Housing Policies, Animal Welfare" presented the European project LIFE Clivut and the Strategy to the members of the commission.

The key points of the Strategy are:

to know and protect the existing tree heritage of the city, with particular attention to the tree stock, promoting the census of trees even in non-municipal areas
increase the number of both public and private trees and square meters of public green areas, objectives also contained in the Green Plan - General Urban Plan (PUG) and the Action Plan for Sustainable Energy and Climate (Paesc)
improve urban ecology by further diversifying the structure and biodiversity of green areas, also adapting them to climate change
• improve the health of vegetation to achieve good conditions for 90% of the public tree population by 2040
Increase sustainable urban drainage to create the conditions for growing a grow a healthy and resilient tree stock
engage the city community in a broader understanding of the importance of urban assets to the well-being of citizens and the urban ecosystem and increase their engagement in the processes of managing and developing these assets.

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