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 The Municipal Administration of Perugia is pleased to announce the launch of an ambitious collaborative project for the creation and management of green spaces and the inclusion of plants, which represent green lungs for the benefit of all. This unprecedented initiative aims to transform our urban environment, making the city more liveable, sustainable and aesthetically pleasing.

The project stems from the Municipality of Perugia's desire to capitalise on what has emerged from the LIFE CLIVUT project, which puts the citizen, businesses and the Administration at the centre of those choices that help make cities more eco-sustainable, exploiting the ecosystemic capacities of greenery to mitigate both climate change and human activities.

The project takes the form of two public notices, available online on the Municipality of Perugia website, respectively for private enterprises and for Associations/Organisations that manage and create events in the municipal territory.

The central point in both cases, is the possibility, once adhered to the project, to touch and see calculated, through the tool designed by the Life CLIVUT Project, how much their production or animation activities, in the case of Associations, contribute to the increase of greenhouse gases: remember that every action we perform every day (moving with the car, bringing groceries home, going to the cinema, etc.), emits into the atmosphere undesirable products that in the long run can negatively affect human health.

On the basis of the resulting value, which companies and associations/organisations will be free to calculate, those taking part will know which and how many plants to plant to offset their climate-altering emissions.

The objectives of this initiative are very concrete: in addition to the objective objectives of improving urban spaces, there is, for example, the 'Strengthening of the sense of community', involving as many parties as possible in the planting of trees, thus promoting civic commitment and a sense of environmental responsibility, and creating a more cohesive and united city.

This project is an excellent example of collaboration between the private sector and public administration, working together for the good of the community and the environment. Together, we can create a greener and more sustainable future for all citizens of Perugia. For further information on the project, please contact click 

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