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Urban green refers to all areas, more or less expanded, which constitute a real green lung of cities, affecting the quality of life of all population groups.

 Urban green areas can be classified according to the various administrations that deal with their management, infact, ISTAT provides us with a fairly homogeneous reading of all categories of green spaces and distinguishes them:

- Equipped green

- Urban parks

- Historic green 

- Urban furniture areas

- Special areas

What are these environmental benefits in practice?

We refer to ecosystem services defined as the set of all the benefits that the human population is able to derive, directly or indirectly, from a system and its functions.

• air filtration;

• micro-regulation of the climate;

• noise reduction;

• rainwater drainage

• conservation of biodiversity.

To have it is also necessary to give, for this reason it is important that local administrations review territorial planning projects, including as many green areas as possible, which can also be an excellent solution for the recovery of old degraded urban areas.

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