Notícias e Eventos

In Italy, the 21st of November is the National Day of Trees.
This celebration has been established in 2013 with the purpose to increase the environmental value and tree heritage too, as required by Kyoto protocol.

Especially this year, considering also the benefits provided during the health emergency, the relationship between people and green areas has become more essential than ever before.

As every year, the 21st of November, Schools, Institutions and Associations plant new trees in public areas.

The two italian cities partner of LIFE Clivut project, Perugia and Bologna, have organised different events to celebrate the National Day of Trees.

In Perugia, for example, the Association “Amici e Volontari Bosco Didattico”, together with Arpa Umbria and Perugia Municipality, organises an event at the Didactic wood of Ponte Felcino. In Bologna there will be more celebrations and, for exemple, the Municipality will plant a liquidambar tree in the Kenzo Tange Garden.

The establishment and celebration of the National Day of Trees, represents an annual engagment to fight and mitigate climate change consequences. What is more, this Day reminds us how much nature is essential, particularly in cities, and the urgent need to act to increase its benefits for citizen health and environment.

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