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The initiative "ADOPT A TREE FOR THE CLIMATE" promoted by the European Project LIFE CLIVUT together with the Municipality of Perugia, partner of the Project, supports the active participation of citizenship, associations, schools and businesses, through the donation of free trees.

The CLIVUT Project, Climate Value of Urban Trees, whose purpose is to describe the tree benefits in urban areas in the mitigation of climate change effects, promotes the active participation of citizens through the free donation of trees.

Trees are our most valiant allies to fight the phenomena of urban heat island, which is the rise in temperature that takes place in urban centers, compared to rural areas; trees help us to absorb carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions, they have a filtering action on particulate matter (PM10), but they also help us in the decrease of harmful substances circulating in the air. Last but not least, they can reduce the temperature by several degrees through the shading of the foliage.

The City of Perugia, to respond to the daily challenges of our cities, promotes the initiative "ADOPT A TREE FOR THE CLIMATE" aimed at raising awareness among citizens, companies, schools and associations of green on the role that trees play in our city to make them active participants in the change.

The trees, which will be assigned free of charge, have been selected for their performance towards some of the main issues related to urban climate, such as the ability to absorb a good amount of CO2, to reduce the load of particulate matter in the atmosphere, to provide shade and to ensure a number of ecosystem benefits very important for public health, sociability and urban biodiversity.

The CLIVUT TEAM invites you to join the adoption campaign, by filling out first a Google form to reserve trees and then a consent form to the "pact" that will allow you to adopt from 1 to 5 trees if you are a citizen, from 1 to 20 trees if you are a company, an association or a school.


How can you join our initiative?

Find out in a few steps.

What to do to adopt the tree?

Just fill out the form that you can find at this address, no later than March 21, 2022, and join the pact of "ADOPT A TREE FOR THE CLIMATE" for citizens and associations, schools and businesses, through the forms that you find at our site, which must be returned filled out and signed at the time of withdrawal of the plant.


How many trees can I adopt?

A single citizen can be assigned up to 5 plants. Associations, Schools, Companies can request up to 20 trees.


Where can I plant the trees?

The tree species must be planted in the Municipality of Perugia, in private spaces (in the ground) or by agreement with the Municipality in public spaces.

Where can I collect the trees?

Once you have filled out the adoption agreement you will be contacted to agree on how to withdraw that will take place from 17.03.2022 to 31.03.2022 from 08.00 to 12.00 at the deposit Regional Forestry Agency Umbria, Via della Ferriera, 48.

For info on the withdrawal tel. 348 7300721 from 08.00 to 12.00.

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