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Thanks to CLIVUT project, Bologna Municipality donates 400 plants to citizens.
The book "Verde Città", edited by Gianluca Burchi, is dedicated to the value and benefits of plants in our cities, financed by the Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry (Mipaf) and
coordinated by the Council for Research in Agriculture and Analysis of Agricultural Economics (Crea), has been published.

Five squares in five cities

Bologna, Palermo, Rome, Turin and Padua are the five cities that hosted the project last year with the first stage in Bologna from June 11 to 13, 2021. For the occasion, the places identified in the heart of the various historical centres, have been transformed, thanks to the collaboration of the agronomists of Conaf who have drawn up the projects of preparation, in temporary green areas where they were planted species of trees, shrubs, herbs and flowers.

The "Pocket Garden" of Palazzo D'Accursio

Pocket Gardens are small green spaces inserted within the urban fabric, sometimes even in places where no gardens or green areas had previously been planned.
The installation realized in Bologna is located in Palazzo D'Accursio, the seat of the municipal palace.

To learn more: Download the book in Pdf format

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