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The session on Business in Urban Climate Action aims to raise awareness of the benefits of more sustainable behaviour and participation in the Green Goods Strategy for Urban Climate as a means of quantifying their emissions with the capacity for carbon sequestration through newly planted trees.


07 February 2022 15:00-17:15

15:00 LIFE CLIVUT project. The overall objective of LIFE CLIVUT project is to develop and implement a "strategy" for the management of urban green spaces that optimises their environmental and climate services, in medium-sized Mediterranean cities. The strategy will be based on shared planning and management of urban green and natural spaces by authorities, urban planners, citizens and businesses.

15:15 Zero Emissions Strategy and incentives. Framework, implementation of the zero-emissions strategy, model of decarbonisation actions, model of decarbonisation incentives, case studies. For companies, sustainability and in particular the Zero Emissions strategy can mean increased competitiveness and represents a continuation of their inevitable drive towards efficiency.

16:15 Carbon Footprint Calculator. Direct and indirect greenhouse gas emissions, calculations, emissions offsetting. A good opportunity to learn how to use the calculator to calculate your company's emissions and how to offset them by planting trees.

Location: The course will be by videoconference, Zoom.
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Organisation: LIFE CLIVUT

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