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Nowadays, knowing how to design and manage the urban forest is essential in the strategy of adaptation to climate change.

On October 12th the Unified Conference approved the decree that finances 30 million for urban forestation in metropolitan cities.

For the period 2021-2022, 15 million euros per year will be allocated for metropolitan areas. The cities will be chosen depending on air quality levels for areas subjected to EU infringement procedures.

Each metropolis will receive 500 thousand euros maximum for each project. Among other things, the decree specifies that cities must guarantee the maintenance of trees for at least 7 years.

The projects will have to respect priorities: for example, the maintenance of biodiversity, the increase of the green infrastructure surface area. The interventions must also aim at improving the ecosystem benefits, health and well-being of citizens.

Metropolitan cities can submit their projects within 120 days of signing the decree which will be verified and validated by the Ministry of the Environment within 90 days.

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