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Activities from 10:30 - Giardini del Frontone in the Municipality of Perugia SUNDAY 21st OF NOVEMBER is the National Tree Day, celebration that was instituted by the President of the Italian Republic in the law n°10 of 2013. Actually, this Day is celebrated since 1898, when the Italian Minister of Education, Mr. Baccelli, wanted to promote the importance of the arboreal heritage, currently our most essential ally in the fight against climate change, as mentioned during G20 in Rome or COP26 in Glasgow.

Hence, on the occasion of the National Tree Day 2021, the Association Borgo Bello of Perugia organizes in collaboration with the Project LIFE CLIVUT a special morning dedicated to children. Educating and involving citizens to the safeguard and promotion of Urban Green Areas in the city is one of the Objectives of the LIFE CLIVUT Project. Above all, raising environmental awareness and sensitivity among children and teenagers, heirs of the current arboreal heritage as a first step to become conscious and attentive citizens.

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