Notícias e Eventos

On Sunday 3rd of October the LIFE CLIVUT Team of Perugia was invited to join the Piedibus del BenEssere in a walk through a nature trail in theMunicipality of Perugia to discuss about Climate Change and the role of trees in the mitigation of its extreme consequences in the city.

Since 2012 the Project Piedibus del BenEssere promotes initiatives and actions focused on Health and Wellness at all ages and its objective is increasing of exercise for a better quality life in the urban context, raise social relations, integration, social inclusion and environmental and human sustainability.

The walk organized in collaboration with Project LIFE CLIVUT was another occasion to raise awareness and promote knowledge for everybody, talking about current issues connected with Climate Emergency and Urban Planning of Green Areas.

In fact, the improvement of citizens consciousness and skills is one of LIFE CLIVUT objectives in order to built a shared Green Asset Strategy for a more resilient city capable to face the Climate Change and for an effective management of public and private urban green areas.

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