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Nowadays, knowing how to design and manage the urban forest is essential in the strategy of adaptation to climate change. 

Consequently, there is a need to create a continuous dialogue between Researchers, Municipalities and expert working in the urban green sector. 

So, the LIFE Clivut project has organized a course that, with a multidisciplinary approach, explores the role played by vegetation in the city. In addition, it emphasizes how maximizing urban forest benefits through management and planning strategies. 

In fact, trees significantly improve the environmental quality and the health of citizens thanks to ecosystem services: CO2 sequestration, capture of fine particles, temperature mitigation … 

However, in order to optimize these benefits, it is fundamental to better design and manage trees in the urban forest, both present and future. 

It supposes that we should choose the most suitable species, planting them in the right places, but we should also think about their maintenance over time. All this becomes possible if scientific research, administrations, technicians and citizenship are deeply connected. 

The aim of the course is therefore to leverage the potential of each individual actor and reorganize the city with a strategy of adaptation and mitigation to climate change.

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