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Because Science, like Art, fights in the name of Beauty.
The Umbria Green Festival is an event sponsored by Techne and by the Cultural Association De Rerum Natura, with the support of the Ministero della Transizione Ecologica, Regione Umbria and Rai per il Sociale, which is born to join together all Arts and Science on Nature purposes.

On Sunday 12th of September, on the occasion of the VI Edition of Umbria Green Festival, the Garden Club Association of Terni has presented LIFE CLIVUT Project. The Garden Club of Terni promotes projects, whose aim is the environmental sustainability and promotes initiatives with schools, with the Carit Foundation. Lately, Garden club of Terni is focusing on the connection between human actions and their relationship with the territory, studying their ecological footprint and wondering how much territory is needed to sustain all human activities.

Since green areas can contribute to enhance the quality of the environment in the city, the Garden Club of Terni was pleased to present LIFE CLIVUT Project. The Project, funded by LIFE, focus on creating a widespread consciousness of the value of Urban Green Assets and on implementing concrete Actions for maximizing their functions against the impact of climate change. To this end, LIFE CLIVUT foresees a combined set of Actions addressed at the main actors of the urban communities: public planners, citizens, youngster and entrepreneurs. The objective is to improve their consciousness and skills and to engage them in a shared strategic plan for an effective management of public and private urban green areas.

During the conference, Professor Flaminia Ventura, Coordinator of LIFE CLIVUT Project, and Doctor Chiara Proietti of the Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering, underlined that tree species contribute differently to the mitigation of Climate Change issues. Hence, it is important to take into account their characteristics in terms of ecosystem services and the current asset of Green Areas. Therefore, LIFE CLIVUT developed a open source webapp, “LIFE CLIVUT TREEDB”, available for citizens and urban planners, to collect and calculate tree species ecosystem services, in order to develop a Green Strategy for the Urban Climate and to build a smart city, resilient to climate challenges.

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