Notícias e Eventos

On Friday 17th of September the LIFE CLIVUT Team of Bologna moved to Casalecchio di Reno, Transfer City of the Municipality of Bologna, to visit the areas foreseen for the creation of the Phenological Monitoring Areas (PMA).

The meeting was organized within the Action C5 of the Project, aimed at transferring to other cities the methodology for drafting and implementing the Urban Tree Management Strategy for climate purposes and the Tools to increase awareness for citizens.

The creation of the PMA, together with some training sessions for the use of our webapp “LIFE CLIVUT TREEDB” for the tree census activity, the training of the Administration technicians on the methodology for the strategy, will help the Transfer city to increase the ability to face the climate change challenges and to improve all age citizens awareness on the role of Urban Trees in the mitigation of Climate Emergency Issues through the enhancement of their ecosystem services.

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