Notícias e Eventos

On August 24th was held in Narni a second meeting between the LIFE CLIVUT team of Perugia and the staff of the Municipality of Narni to make a first inspection of the areas, identified by the transfer city, for the creation of Phenological Monitoring Areas, within the action C5 of the Project. In fact, this action involves the creation of three phenological areas in the selected transfer cities training them in the use of the platform for the census of trees and the assessment of their ecosystem performance, as well as training the technicians of the administration on the methodology for the strategy and assisting them in the design and implementation of a specific strategy for their city.

All these steps will help the transfer city in increasing their capacity to address the challenges of the climate change, particularly those related to the heat island phenomenon, and will improve the awareness of all citizens about the role of urban trees in mitigating climate emergencies through their ecosystem services.

The staff of LIFE CLIVUT will provide its assistance to the transfer city for the duration of the action C5 of the Project.

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