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The Municipality of Bologna has approved the arboreal budget 2016-2021. After the one approved in May 2016, this is the second arboreal budget approved by the Municipal Administration.
In the 2016-2021 period, 85270 specimens were surveyed, more than 6000 units more. Biodiversity, attention to the CO2 compensation and other air pollutants have grown. From 2016 to 2021 in Bologna, trees have grown by 6442 units: the census carried out by the Municipality has recorded 78828 specimens in May 2016 and 85,270 in May 2021, meaning a larger increase compared to the annual growth of 1.6% provided by the new Green Plan, an integral part of the General Urban Plan.

This rich heritage rises to about 120,000 trees, if we consider also those included within forest patches, woodlands, urban parks, hillside parks and riverfront areas. The arboreal balance is a tool forseen by the law on the development of Urban Green Spaces, which the City of Bologna has since 2004.

The balance allows, through a computerized management tool, to have monthly updated information both on the total number of trees surveyed and on species, characteristics and location.

This makes it possible to refine maintenance as much as possible with the aim of both constantly increasing the heritage and protecting public safety.

The increase in the tree stock is a net figure that also includes the replacement of trees felled for phytosanitary reasons (in the last five years they have accounted for 3% of the stock) which are triggered precisely as a result of monitoring activities.

Approved Arboreal Budget

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