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Thursday, 22nd of April 2021: 51st Earth Day. This year the main topic is “Restore Our Earth”.
LIFE CLIVUT celebrated this event inaugurating the new School Wood of the Technical Economic and Technological Institute "Aldo Capitini" of Perugia. The project of this Wood will be realised by students, together with the expert of LIFE CLIVUT: the planning goal will be the optimization of the benefits of urban trees, and to restore some ecosystem services lost with the urban development.

During the celebration of the 51st Earth Day students planted the first three plants of the new Wood: a Holm Oak (Quercus ilex), a Ginko (Gingko biloba) and a Judas Tree (Cercis siliquastrum), increasing the city arboreal heritage and following the criteria of biodiversity.

Within the Project, together with LIFE CLIVUT Team, the students will be involved in the accounting of tree benefits towards citizens and towards the environment, too. Thanks to the software “LIFECLIVUT TREEDB”, developed by the team Project, the School students will project the Wood choosing the most suitable trees in terms of ecosystem services and the best ones for the urban context.

The ceremony was attended by the Assessor of Public Works, Infrastructure, Environment and Green Areas of the Municipality of Perugia, Otello Numerini, the Professor Marco Fornaciari da Passano representing the Department of Environmental Engineering and the LIFE CLIVUT Project, the President of the Order of Agronomists Dr. Francesco Martella, the Dr. Laura Rondoni of CESAR, Partner of the Project, Dr. Roberto Regnicoli of the Municipality of Perugia, Dr. Luigia Ruga consultant of the Municipality of Perugia and Dr. Martina Burnelli representing the Team of LIFE CLIVUT.

LIFE CLIVUT wanted to celebrate the Earth Day 2021, whose topic was “Restore Our Earth” engaging a wide audience, in order to underline the importance to create a synergy and a collaboration between all actors of the citizenship, in common actions to fight Climate Change and to safeguard the environment and the citizen Health.

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