Notícias e Eventos

LIFE CLIVUT has organised the first meeting for the URBAN GREEN ASSET STRATEGY within the Action C1 of the Project.
At the meeting were present the Municipality of Perugia, Project partner, technicians and experts of the sustainable urban green development (both from Public Administration and Professionals), representatives of Professional Associations and University techers from the Department of Agricultural, Food and Environmental Sciences and from the Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering of the University of Perugia.

The Strategy core proposed by LIFE CLIVUT is building the basis for a safe, diversified arboreal green heritage, capable of improving cities ability to mitigate climate change challenges, in particular the Urban Heat Island phenomenon.

It means maintaining the characteristics of the existing tree heritage of the city, loved by citizens, and on the other hand improving the good practices for green area management, in order to better face Climate change challenges. What is more, the Strategy will increase environmental and ecosystem services of trees in the urban context.

The aim of the Strategy is to lead the transition of our urban green heritage towards a resilient, safe and diversified Asset, so as to assure future generations urban green spaces capable to face Climate Change Emergency, the new city needs and to contribute to health, livebility and wellness of the city and all citizens.

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