Notícias e Eventos

On Friday 19th of March the inauguration of the Master Course aimed to train the future managers for Landscape Contractors Companies.

The Master course intends to train professional figures for the management of companies involved in the creation and maintenance of urban, ornamental and historical public green areas in urban and suburban contexts.

The course is organized by LIFE Clivut Team of the Department of Civil and Environmental Egennering of the University of Perugia.

Nowadays there is an increasing request for managers with legal, economic, technical, engineering and agronomic skills. What is more, it is essential to train their consciousness and ability to safeguard and protect the Environment, deepening their knowledge about new chances that Ecosystems will face in future due to  climate change.

For these reasons, to stay in line with the European Climate Strategy to mitigate the consequences and risks of the Climate Emergency, the Master will pay particular attention to environmental legislation, public procurement, principles of business management organisation, naturalistic engineering techniques, phytogeography and geobotany, maintenance of
ornamental species (from turf to trees) and design of green spaces. 

The lessons of the Master will be carried out online and partly in presence (application laboratories and workshops with experts). In addition, an experimental module will be dedicated to the presentation of LIFE Clivut Project and to show the functions of the Project Web app “LIFE CLIVUT TREEDB” ( Between July and October, students will be hosted by major companies in the sector to complete their training.

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