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The 12th of February MUSE (Museo delle Scienze di Trento) presents the 2021 edition of the Darwin Day, the day dedicated to the birth of the famous scientist biologist, naturalist, anthropologist, geologist and British explorer. This tradition is born in England and United States in 1882, when he dead, and it still continues today. Charles Darwin is considered the father of the Theory of Natural Selection of Species, their diversification and multiplication by descent from a common ancestor. His scientific discoveries, resulting from observations during a ship travel around the world, have been published in On the Origin of Species (1859).

No one before Darwin have collected as many information and datas as him to scientifically support evolution in terms of natural laws, not on the basis of a Supernatural Power. He has created a scientific method aimed to observe the variability of nature, putting into light difference and common points among species. The event, totally free and online, will be dedicated to deepen one of the topic studied by Charles Darwin: the one of plant adaptation! 

To celebrate the father of the evolution theory the main theme is "No tree is alone". Together with museums, University and scientific institutions of all the world we will discover the adaptation strategies and the peculiarities of tree evolution. The event will be available on Facebook page of MUSE the 12th February at 6pm.

Four speeches dedicated to the botanic world, to underline the need for an ecological transition and the necessity to create an allay with nature. Andrea Bianchi will talk about the relationship between plants and insects, Costantino Bonomi will discuss how ecosystems "talk with each onther". Helen Catherine Wiesinger speech will be focus on "Plants in love" and their reproductive mechanism. Finally, Osvaldo Negra will talk about plant "mobility".

MUSE presents Darwin Day 2021 even for children: from 4:30 pm a special appointment with "MUSE at little steps". More information here.

LIFE Clivut Team will follow this fantastic event, and you?!

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