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With the project "Let's put down roots for the future" the Emilia Romagna Region takes the field for environmental sustainability! 4.5 million trees gifted to 5 years!

The idea is developing a sort of new forests in the city. In this way, the Region will increase green infrastructures in the cities and it will recover the natural ecosystem in the lowland area, along river banks and it will enhance the rural landscape with hedges and fences. Another great step toward the mitigation of climate change!

In the public announcement of "Let's put down roots for the future" we can see that it is planned the plantation of one tree for each citizen; in addition, it will restore the environmental health thanks to the mitigation of particulate effect.

Schools, Municipalities, citizens and Urban green Associations are the main stakeholders of that project: they will take part into the plantation of tree, available in certificated nurseries of the entire Region. Which are the actions of the project??

1. Urban Regeneration, re-qualification of urban green forests (2,5 million plants).
2. Thematic Projects for the realization of new forests, ecological corridors
and networks and agro-forest systems (1 million plants).
3. Actions for infrastructures mitigation, actions to balance and regenerate the landscape and other forest plantations (1 million plants).

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Published December 10th

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