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Forests cover around one third of the total land area and perform many important actions for the Earth.
That is why forests can make the difference in the fight against climate change!

Even though we are not always conscious, forests are deeply connected to our everyday life. A sustainable management of this green heritage can provide us many ecosystem services, can prevent from natural disasters and disease diffusion.

Moreover they are an enormous source of biodiversity and they can play a key role in the poverty decrease and in the achievement of SDG objectives.

Nevertheless, since 2015 FAO underlined a strong decrease of total forest surface on Earth. Among its objectives, LIFE Clivut project wants to share and raise awareness on this topic too: trees are our allies in the fight against climate change… we do not have to forget it!

Thanks to many actions, the Project wants to give the economic and environmental value to every tree in our cities, so to promote a more conscious management. Among these actions there is the creation of partnership and collaborations with Public and Private people.

It has been a while since in the forestry sector specialists are focusing on certifications in order to guarantee traceability of forest products. Thanks to this and many other actions we can try to restore the lost tree heritage and reverse the degradation process.

Obviously, as ISPRA said, time and procedure needed depend on the case. Probably a “restored” forest is not equivalent to the original one, but it is anyway a success in the fight process against climate change!

Published December 21st.

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