Green Strategy / Perugia

At the heart of this strategy there is a vision to ensure to the city of Perugia a healthy tree heritage diversified and capable of contributing best to the effects of climate change and in particular to those caused by the Urban Heat Island. The city of Perugia is renowned for its historic parks, gardens and boulevards, these contribute greatly to the city's identity and are an integral part of its social and cultural life.

It is important that the city's tree heritage maintains the essential character that the citizens know and love, but that the management of this heritage takes into account the new challenges posed by Climate Change and the necessary valorisation of climatic and ecosystem services that trees can provide to the city in addition to the 'classic' ones such as characterisation of the landscape and recreational services. In developing this strategy, the city of Perugia recognises the importance of a holistic approach "to the entire public and private sector' to know and manage this invaluable resource. Much of the urban green of the city was created in the past century in a different climatic and social environment. Many of our trees suffer from the changed conditions climate and the presence of pollution. The objective of this strategy is to guide the transition of our tree heritage towards a resilient, healthy and green heritage. This is to ensure for future generations the presence of trees and tree capable of responding to changing climate, to the new needs of the city and contribute to sustaining the health, liveability and well-being of the city and its inhabitants.”

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