Green Strategy / Cascais

The aim of this strategy is to guide the transition of our tree stock to a resilient, healthy and diverse stock, to ensure that future generations have a tree heritage that is capable of responding to climate change, the changing needs of the city and helping to sustain the health, liveability and well-being of the city and its inhabitants. It is intended to be a moment of participation by the entire city community in a better knowledge of its tree heritage and in the definition of the lines that should guide its future development and management.

The following recommendations and measures for the sustainability of green spaces regarding climate change are included in the strategy:

  • • Design - land occupation.
  • • Management - soil fertility.
  • • Design - hydrological system and drainage system.
  • • Management - irrigation water.
  • • Design - plant material.
  • • Pruning of plants.
  • • Biodiversity.
  • • Pest and disease control.
  • • Mitigate the impacts of rising temperatures on the metropolitan agroforestry potential.
  • • New Urban Parks and Infiltration Zones.
  • • Legislation for Bioclimatic Planning and Architecture

The strategy would make our city greener - "to create a city within a green area rather than green areas within a city".

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