Green Strategy / Bologna

The Municipality of Bologna's Urban green strategy is aimed at counteracting the negative effects of climate change and enhancing green areas as an element of wellbeing for all, while increasing the city's resilience. The approved strategy contains the set of behaviours and actions aimed at ensuring that the city has a healthy, diverse tree stock capable of mitigating the negative effects of climate change.

The key points of the strategy are

  • to know and protect the city's existing tree heritage, with particular focus on the tree endowment, promoting the census of trees also in non-municipal areas
  • increase the number of both public and private trees and the square metres of public green areas, objectives also contained in the Green Plan - General Urban Plan (PUG) and in the Sustainable Energy and Climate Action Plan (Paesc);
  • to improve urban ecology by further diversifying the structure and biodiversity of green areas, also adapting them to climate change;
  • improve vegetation health to achieve good conditions for 90% of the public tree population by 2040;
  • increasing sustainable urban drainage to create the conditions for growing a healthy and resilient tree stock;
  • involve the city community in the broader understanding of the importance of urban heritage for the well-being of citizens and the urban ecosystem and increase their engagement in the management and development processes of this heritage.

This action will also contribute to making Bologna a carbon neutral European city by 2030.

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