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The objective of the action C3 is to design and test educational paths to unable young people to become conscious of their potential in containing climate changes and to adopt climate and environmental responsible behaviours. Each partner has designed a toolkit for the respective specific target. 

The lessons are divided in 3 modules: 
• Module 1: What are Climate changes? 
• Module 2: Climate change and the urban ecosystem 
• Module 3: Urban forests (Urban green) and Climate change. 

All the modules integrate different learning methodologies (theory / practical activities and outdoor activities).

4 Municipalites ⇒

Perugia IT

Bologna IT

Cascais (Lisbon) PT

Thessaloniki EL

4 Targets ⇒

10/11 years old students (60 at least)

12/13 years old students (60 at least)

17/18 years old students (60 at least)

University students (20)

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